Thai Style Giant Guardians

On June 8 2013 I was sitting inside Bangkok's new international airport, Suvarnabhumi, waiting for our flight to Ubon, Thailand. With time to spare, I took special notice of the twelve giant statues lined up in the ticketing area. I visited all twelve statues and took pictures of the two shown in the left mouse over. I expected that they represent Thai guardians of a sort, but the rest of the story is exceptionally creative.

The following information is a "quote", from the airports web site:

Twelve giants are the prominent features inside the 2nd floor of the Concourse Buildings. The statues of the giant characters based on Ramayana mythology symbolize the kingdom's guardians. They are not only meant to manifest the airport's grandeur but also to attract the visitors attention. Besides, the display of these giant statues, which are the reproduction works from the giants at the Emerald Buddha Temple, the airport also introduces the oriental literature to the visitors, and serves as and invitation for tourists to visit the Emerald Buddha Temple, where the actual giants stand to protect the temple from all devils and ghosts.

The sculpture of these giant statues is a testament of Thailands intriguing art and culture.

Each has difference name: Tosakanth or Ravana Giant, Sahassadeja Giant, Askan-mara Giant, Cakravarti Giant, Inthrachit Giant, Mangkornkan Giant, Maiyarap Giant, Suriyaphop Giant, Tosagiriwan Giant, Tosagirithorn Giant, Wirun Jambang Giant and Wirunhok Giant."

A plaque between the guardians feet offers this: "Tosagirithorn was the son of Tosakanth and an elephant. His body was light brown in color and the tip of his nose was an elephants trunk. Thao Asakan-Mara, the ruler of Duram City and a friend of Tosakanth, asked Tosakanth for Tosagirithorn so that he could raise him as adopted son. Tosagirithorn was armed with a magical bow and arrows which, when shot, separated into nine different types of weapons but he was none the less killed by an arrow shot by Phra Lak."

My, my.

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